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Biking is more fun with friends. Sometimes we don’t have time to do a long ride out & back. Or some in the group lack endurance to ride a given distance. Would you like to ride a trail farther from home? How about a tailwind ride? Our driver & shuttle bus are ready to serve you.

Eric has about a million miles of professional driving experience and wanted to own his own bus. Dave likes to bike with friends and would rather ride than drive. We want to support cycling, promote Iowa trails and bike friendly businesses.

The Kokopelli Bike Shuttle bus has 14 seats plus standing room, a bike rack for 16 bikes, 2 USB ports to charge your phone, a luggage rack & cooler with water. Basic first aid and tool kits are kept on board just in case. For your drive time entertainment, the bus has a 32” TV for Karaoke or showing your videos.

It’s easy to load and secure your bike on the custom rack then relax and leave the driving to us! Call Eric now at 515-333-3606 and BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike).


BYOB – Bring Your Own Bike!

Our Shuttle

Nothing but the best for our customers!

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Our Fans

Once you get where you’re going, …

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One-Way Trip

Bike ride drop-offs, you ride back to base.

Starting at $15/person*

*Minimum 6 people

Round Trip

We drop you off at the trail head. We wait ($60/hr). Then return you to the original pick up point.

Starting at $30/person* plus**

*Minimum 6 people.

**see below for wait time


Rent our bike-optimized Shuttle Bus, you can drive it anywhere.

$120/day + $1.00/mi.

*No minimum!


You Know Where You’re GOING. Ride ON.

Prices start at $20/ person plus $60 per hour. Six people minimum, tips for the driver are appreciated.  Single payment for group of 6 or more discount: SAVE $5 each. 50% Charged at time of booking, 50% upon departure. Deposit is Non-refundable but you may reschedule due to weather.   Price examples below, ask for quote.

Bike Ride drop-offs, you ride back to base; loop or custom charter options on request.

From 1st St Trailhead or 1840 SW White Birch Circle, Ankeny

Sheldahl  $20/person
Slater  $22/person
Madrid  $25/person  (Loop adds about $10/person)
Woodward  $30/ person

Loop option: wait for bike to bridge & return (add $60/hour wait time)


From Kyles

Bondurant $20/person
Mingo $30/person
Baxter  $35/person

Loop option: wait at trailhead & return (add $60/hour)


Park Street Trailhead $20
Cumming $30/person (Loop adds about $10/person)
Martensdale $35/person

Loop option: wait at trailhead & return add $60/hour


Waukee $25/person
Adel  $35/person
Dallas Center $30/person
Jamaica $35/person
Minburn  $33/person
Panora   $35/person
Perry $33/person
Jefferson $40/person

Loop option: wait at trailhead & return add $60/hour


Drop off 100 miles into the wind $40/person   (8 minimum)

NOTE: Single payment for group discount – SAVE $5 each!

Drop off 63 miles up wind $ 30/ person (8 minimum)

NOTE: Single payment for group discount – SAVE $5 each!

HTT, Kyles, Firetrucker, Bike Country, Wheelhouse

Trailhead, Reclaimed Rails, Founders

Des Moines
Bike Collective, Brenton Plaza, Embassy Suites, Tonic, Hyatt, Marriott, Library, Bike World,

Gray’s Lake.

Example: Pick up Brenton Plaza, drop off at Orlando’s $15/person


West Des Moines

Barr Bike, Bike World, Orlando’s, Walmart @ bike trail

You drive:  $120/ day (Noon-Noon) plus $1 mile.
Copy Driver License and Insurance Card required plus Waivers and ID for all passengers.
Riders must have a valid organ donor card if they don’t have a helmet.
$200 fee charged if bus does not return in clean condition with full gas tank.

Call Eric Riedinger at 515-333-3606 for information or to schedule.

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We welcome any and all suggestions, so leave us a comment and we will consider it for a future update.

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1840 Southwest White Birch Circle
Ankeny, IA 50023

515 333 3606



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Kokopelli is a deity usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player
(often with feathers, dread locks or antenna-like protrusions on his head), who has been venerated by native American cultures most prominently in the Southwestern US. Like most fertility deities, Kokopelli presides over both childbirth and agriculture He is also a trickster god and represents the spirit of music and fun.

Team Kokopelli is a group of people who enjoy cycling, music and think Kokopelli is a cool dude even though he is over 1,000 years old.

The Kokopelli Bike Shuttle was created to transport groups up to 14 people and their bikes to various trail heads and cycling destinations in a convenient and fun manner.

The Kokopelli Bike Shuttle has 14 seats with a rack for your bikes, USB ports to charge your phone devices, a luggage rack & cooler with water. First aid kits are kept on board just in case. Bike repair stand, pump & basic tools can be used inside or outside the bus. For your drive time entertainment, the bus has a 32” TV, Karaoke and DVD player (& digital options to watch your newly-made adventure video on the ride home).

The Kokopelli Bike Shuttle was created to transport groups up to 14 people and their bikes to various trail heads and cycling destinations in a convenient and fun manner.  (Plus standing room, rack can hold up to 16 bikes.)

Price plan and waiver – click here to download

Price plan and waiver contains

  • Standard trail pick-up and drop-off
    • $15 per person and bicycle
    • $60 minimum, fourteen passenger maximum
    • $1 per mile*
      Ex: 6 cyclists & Bicycles, 20 miles one-way, pick-up or drop-off, would be $92.
  • Des Moines Area pick-up or drop-off from Airport, Bike Shops, Hotels, Pubs and Trail Heads.
  • Pick up, drop at Trail head and wait for return add $60/hour.
  • Also available for private parties and weddings.
  • Discounts available with special packages or in conjunction with Kokopelli sponsors
  • We accept American Express, VISA, Master Card, & Discover.

Mileage determined by farthest distance shuttled or round trip from Kokopelli Bike Shuttle base, 1840 SW White Birch Cir. Ankeny IA 50023.

Call for prices!

Waiver document contains:

 Kokopelli Bike Shuttle is not liable for any personal injury or property damage. KBS is not responsible for damage caused by improper use of our equipment. Improper use includes but is not limited to using damaged or incomplete equipment, improper installation of equipment, over loading of equipment, carelessness or use of equipment for purposes for which it was not specifically designed. Participants grant use of photos or videos for publication and promotion of Kokopelli Bike Shuttle.

Example rides:

High Trestle Trail
Ankeny, Slater (16mi) $300, Madrid  (22mi)$350, Woodward (30mi) $400
Chichaqua Trail
Bondurant (14mi), Mingo (31mi) , Baxter  (36mi)
Great Western Trail
Park St, Cummings (29 mi), Martensdale (39 mi)
Raccoon River Valley Trail
Waukee  (22mi), Adel  (28mi), Panora, Perry, Dallas Center

HTT, Kyles, Firetrucker, Bike Country, Wheelhouse
Reclaimed Rails, Trailhead, Founders
Des Moines
Bike Collective, Embassy Suites, Tonic, Brenton Plaza, Hyatt, Marriott, Library, Bike World
West Des Moines
Barr Bike,  Bike World, Orlando’s

Tailwind Century: drop off 100 miles into the wind  $ 600
Tailwind Metric Century: drop off 63 miles into the wind  $ 450

Hang your bike by the wheel on the padded hook on top rail, starting from the center of the rack.   Bottom wheel fits in “V” bracket on bottom rail.   Pull padded bar up and secure to bike with ratchet strap to hold in place.  Next bike will hang by back wheel, alternate so handlebars do not touch.   If bikes can’t be positioned to avoid contact, move to the other top bar next to a bike that is compatible.

The bus has 14 seats and the rack holds up to 16 bikes so there should be a couple of empty spots to allow room for larger bikes.   If ok with your fellow passengers, bikes are permitted inside the bus as space allows.

A cooler and limited supply of bottled water are available for passenger use.  A luggage rack is provided for passenger’s bags, backpacks, coolers, helmets and such.   You are welcome to bring your own beverages .

Kokopelli was known for music and fun so as soon as the driver checks everyone in and gives the ok, Party On!   Please respect the other passengers, limit the volume and activities to assure the driver can get you to your destination safely.  Several Karaoke CDs are available, just ask the driver and assign a person to run the machines.   You are also free to connect your phone or GoPro to show videos on the TV.

Passengers are responsible to leave the bus clean and ready for the next group as they  found it.

Reservation form – click here to download

Reservation Form contains:


Start miles

End miles

Passenger names and signatures

Note: Kokopelli Bike Shuttle is not liable for any personal injury or property damage caused by use of our services or equipment. Use includes but is not limited to using damaged or incomplete equipment, improper loading of equipment, or careless use or improper behavior.

Thank you for the December 3rd fun and exciting adventurous ride on the Kokopelli Bus Shuttle in the Bondurant Holiday Lights Tour with the clincher when we get back to where we started Eric says who wants to go to The Jolly Holiday Light Show in Altoona. of course we all were excited to go and off we went. All in all our night on the Kokopelli Bus Shuttle and Eric was a real highlight of the season.
-Thank you LaDaun Wilkes

Kokopelli Bike Shuttle is the most child-friendly way to enjoy Jolly Holiday Lights. There’s not a bad seat on the bus. Spacious enough for parents to enjoy! 😉
-Jade Handy

Hello fan,
First, a big thank you!
Etiquette Tips for Bike Rides

Sometimes we need to review simple reminders to keep us focused and respect for other riders.

  1. Pace yourself among riders and keep track of your group
  2. Wear a helmet and make sure you drink enough water to stay hydrated.
  3. Predetermine plans for stops, how long they will last make sure all riders know where to go.
  4. Consider a map of the area, compass, cell phone that will pick up in desolate areas
  5. Consider a good rider at the back of the group to motivate the slow riders.
  6. Carry basic tools, tube and first aid.
  7. Ride on the right, yield to pedestrians and announce “on your left” before passing
  8. Don’t ride too close to others or the edge of the trail. If you go off the edge, stop, don’t try get back on the trail until other bikes are clear.

-Eric Riedinger

Preparation Tips:

  1. Do you have your final destination picked out. How many breaks are you going to take and how long for each one?
  2. Take Headcount, up to 14 passengers, bikes, and gear. What about a food supplies: Energy bars, cold liquid refreshments, music, cell phones, and map.Consider layered clothing due to weather conditions.
  3. Did everybody pay their share for the ride, and commit to being 15 minutes early to load bikes?
  4. Group photographer to post the pictures on social media? Does anybody not want to be in the pictures?
  5. Does anybody have physical conditions that might impair their rides? Any medical conditions thatcher other riders need to prepare?

-Eric Riedinger


to our Sponsors/Partners.

CummingTap_Green 225×135
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Bike Lives Matter Long Sleeve Dri-fit

Long Sleeve Dri-fit Shirt:

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Ride With Kokopelli Long Sleeve Dri-fit

Ride With Kokopelli Long Sleeve Dri-fit

Long Sleeve Dri-fit Shirt:

Large or XL $16

2XL $18

3XL $20

Add $5 for shipping

Send your order and check payable to Kokopelli Shuttle Bus c/o Dave Milburn • 6249 Country Ridge Lane, Johnston, IA 50131

16Aug 17


Tailgate with Kokopelli !!      2017 Football Schedule   $300, call: 515-333-3606 Rent the Kokopelli Shutttle to tailgate in Ames or Iowa City! Call to reserve your weekend.   515-333-3606 14 passenger bus…

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